5'5 ​❊ Blue Eyes ❊ Blonde Hair ❊ Mezzo-Soprano


Othello   ❊  Desdemona  ❊  dir. Amee Vyas  ❊  Fern Shakespeare Company

The Two Noble Kinsmen    Emilia    dir. Brian B. Crowe    Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey Professional Training Program 

          The Fall of Troy    Aphrodite    dir. Stephen Davis    Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey Professional Training Program ​

Twelfth Night    Andrew Aguecheek    Shakespeare on The Rocks

The Earth is Flat    Shelley    dir. Richard Hess    CCM Studio Series

Love and Information    Ensemble    dir. Brant Russell    CCM Mainstage 

Middletown    Public Speaker/Voices    dir. Richard Hess    CCM Studio Series

Play It Again, Sam    Barbara    dir. Peter Moore    Artistry (MN)

The Hunchback of Seville    #2    dir. Brant Russell    The Know Theatre

Julius Caesar    Calphurnia    dir. James Egbert    CCM Laboratory

Her Naked Skin    Prison Wardress     dir. Richard Hess    CCM Mainstage

The Red Coat    Mary    dir. Owen Alderson    CCM Laboratory 

devised theatre

H2O: A Play About Water    H2O at Guantanamo Bay    International Fringe Festival  + Cincinnati Fringe Festival

Flipping Channels    The Witch    CCM Transmigration New Works Festival 

The Land of Milk and Honey    Amber    CCM Transmigration New Works Festival


Elliot Popkin    Nisse    CCM Transmigration New Works Festival

Neutral and Non-Partisan    Dr. Wentworth    CCM Transmigration New Works Festival 


The Musician  ❊  Supporting  ❊  A  Zima and Quinlan Production


How to Feel  ❊   Principal  ❊  CCM Acting/Electronic Media Productions


In Silence   ❊  Featured  ❊  Pajama Island Productions


The To-Do List   ❊  Principal  ❊  CCM Acting/Electronic Media Productions

Dreams (Music Video)  ❊  Featured  ❊  Banducci and The Wheels (artist)

training & education

University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music 

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting 

Cum Laude

Class of 2018

acting: Richard Hess, k. Jenny Jones, Benard Cummings, Giles Davies, Susan Felder, Kenneth Washington, Michelle O'Neill, Robert Pavlovich

voice: Rocco Dal Vera, D'arcy Smith, Andrew Wade, Kate Glasheen,

Andrea Leap, Jerry Elsbernd

movement: Susan Moser, Donnie Mather, Susan Felder, Marcela Lorca, Andrea Tutt, Giles Davies

combat: k. Jenny Jones, Doug West

improv: Second City Level 1, Tracy Connor 

masterclasses: Terrence McNally, Jack O'Brien, Stephanie Klapper, Adam Belcuore, Jake Robinson, Richard Oberacker, Mary V. Buck, 

The Debate Society, Theatre of War, Kevin Isola, Vanessa Morosco, 

Laura Gordon, Christian Conn, Corey Tazmania, Stephen Davis,

Kelly Hunter

special skills

mezzo-soprano (E3-A5), Unarmed Combat (SAFD Recommended), Rapier/Dagger (SAFD Basic), Dialect (RP, Cockney, US Southern, Minnesotan), IPA Proficient, Spanish, Basic Ukulele/Guitar/Piano, Horseback Riding (Dressage, Western), Team Penning (Cattle), Turtle Mating Sound, Marcel the Shell, Short form improv