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a play about water

Water is the essence of life.
71% of our planet is covered in water.
 Our bodies are 70% water.
 The oceans are rising.
Drought afflicts millions.
Water heals and water soothes.
Water kills and water revives.
Come have a drink of H2O.

HO Official Trailer

As a member of the writing team, I had the privilege of not only performing in HO but seeing the fruition of months of research and work be something as beautiful as this production.

First performed at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music Cohen Family Studio Theater, revived at the Cincinnati Fringe Festival of 2018, and finishing the run in Edinburgh in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018.

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"This is a play made up of discrete, moving, personal stories that range from one woman’s experience of drowning to another man’s experience of Hurricane Katrina."

-International Fringe Festival

"They showed awareness of their contemporary political situation and expressed pride in what their country could be."

-International Fringe Festival


"The show also features one of the best post-bow cast stage exits that I have witnessed in a theatre – this group never switched off."

-International Fringe Festival

"They spent more than a year researching the water cycle, the mythology of and spirituality of water, its physiology and its enormous power. The students wove their material into something that resembles the theatrical equivalent of an orchestral tone poem."

-Cincinnati Enquirer


"The depth of feeling that the student performers brought to the stage was hard to resist."

-Cincinnati Enquirer

"Conceived and directed by Richard Hess and written by six CCM students this 60-minute play, the audience is swept into the creative tides of storytelling."

-League of Cincinnati Theatre

opening night of H2O at Cincy Fringe was

"The script adds some rousing renditions of tunes from Simon and Garfunkel, Bobby Darin, even Burt Bacharach."

-League of Cincinnati Theatre

"The choreography of the fabric is amazing and breathtaking. At times it’s a ballet of movement sweeping the hurricane victims, or the riptide of surf in Hawaii."

-League of Cincinnati Theatre